How many minutes can YOU read in 17 days?

If you read 35 minutes every day for 17 days, that would be almost 600 minutes! 😲

* Prizes awarded to the students who read the most minutes and those who get most pledges! *

* Classes that read the most minutes will win a special prize for the entire class! *



Find Pledgestar instructions here.

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Read-a-Thon 2021

September 15 – October 1

How it works:


• Students are encouraged to read every day and keep track of the minutes on a reading log.

Recommended daily reading times:

   → K–2: 30 minutes

   → 3–5: 45 minutes

   → 6–8: 60 minutes

• An adult (parent or teacher) needs to sign off on your student’s minutes each day.

• Independent reading in class and reading to your child can be counted toward the Read-a-thon. 

• Digital reading logs are available on Pledgestar, or you may use the paper ones provided in the Wednesday folder (and downloadable here).


Support the readers and raise funds for the Mira Vista PTA! 


Invite family and friends to support the readers. Track pledges by using the sponsorship form provided in the Wednesday folders, or by registering on our digital donation platform, Pledgestar.


• Donation options:

   → Flat amount (e.g. $20 regardless of time read)

   → Per minute read (e.g. $0.05/minute)

   → Per book read (e.g. $2/book)


• At the end of the Read-a-thon, contributions can be made by cash or check (payable to “Mira Vista PTA”), or by using the Mira Vista Pledgestar site.

* Any student who participates is eligible to win — even if they don’t bring in any donations. *